the thursday special.


Mixing things up this Thursday highlighting what is undoubtedly the Best Bolognese Recipe of Our Time. It's no secret that I love bolognese: if it's on the menu at a Italian restaurant, 9/10 that's what I'm ordering. At home, I've dabbled in a number of different recipes over the years: ones with just beef, ones with pork, veal and beef, ones with tomato paste and ones with copious amounts of garlic. I finally tried Marcella Hazan's Bolognese Sauce and it is by far the most delicious recipe I've ever made--absolute restaurant quality. It's fairly simple, but I think the secret is cooking the meat down in milk and using white wine instead of red. It's not a saucey sauce, but instead clings to the noodles and provides insane flavor with every bite. 

Will this recipe change your life? Look, I'm not going to lie to you: yes, it will. 

At the very least, it will make you incredibly happy and satisfied while you eat it and every time you think of it for the rest of your life. 


life lately.


Hello! I can't believe it's been almost two months since I last checked in here. (Just kidding, I totally can). I guess I've just felt a little burned out between the political climate and the more recent increases of coronavirus cases. And truthfully, I really don't do much these days. I had been meeting friends for outdoor dining a bit this summer and played a bunch of golf, but I think I'll be reeling it back and returning to extreme hunker down mode.

Otherwise things have been been pretty good. I was promoted at work again which was rather unexpected, but I'm really excited to take on more responsibility. We're also officially not going back to the office until July 2021--I didn't realize how much I was going to miss it. Kind of a bummer, but Olive will definitely appreciate my constance presence for the next 9 months. 

My Peloton arrived in mid-September, and I'm completely obsessed. It's really helped me get back into a workout routine, and as someone who didn't really take a ton of spin classes before I made the big purchase, it's been a pleasant surprise to see how much I'm loving it. An added bonus? My pants fit again. 

Other than that, I'm making all the cozy meals I can, making my way through The Americans (with some Lovecraft Country added in) and looking forward to Thanksgiving. It's going to be very different this year but I'm still excited to head to my parents' place for a much, much smaller celebration.

Wear your mask and stay healthy.