a girl can never have too many leopard shoes.

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I may have ordered the first pair (you can't beat the price: currently $69.99 with an additional 30% off with code BYEMARCH). I'm oddly drawn to the second pair, but those might be too extreme even for me. And what's not to love about a sandal version? Leopard for life.


weekend recap.

I took last Friday off from work and headed north to my most favorite place ever (Maine) for some much needed R&R. The weekend was filled with boozy lunches, a bit of shopping, afternoon naps and some QT with my parents: aka, just what the doctor ordered.

There were oysters for lunch, a glass of wine poured by my dad, walks with my small friend, and a korean beef bowl made from Natalie's recipe (it was sooo good). I feel refreshed and recharged and ready to face the week ahead.

Kind of.


there are deals to be had.

I've done quite a bit of shopping the past two weekends, but everything has been a bargain. A bargain I say! (I've just decided I don't think I like the word "bargain").

A pouf:

I've had my eye on a pouf for quite some time, but those things can be oddly pricey. I grabbed this one at Target for a respectable $48. It goes with my planned living room color scheme, and it's comfy. Find it here.


Instead of going the etsy route, I stumbled across this pillow at Home Goods. I bought two, and they were $19.99 each. Not too shabby.


After going to Old Navy, I couldn't pass up the D'Orsays: they're surprisingly comfortable, and you can't beat the price at $24.94. They do run a bit large, and I'm kind of nervous about them stretching out, but they only had whole sizes in the store (they have half sizes online). Find them here -- some colors are $10!

More shoes:

I have to say, Target is really hitting it out of the park with their shoes lately. The ones on the left remind me of J.Crew's Cece ballet flats, but the Target version is $15 (here). I really love the Sam and Libby ones on the right (they have a gold toe strap)--they were $24.99 (here). I also almost bought these, but I thought I should rein it in a little, which is very unlike me.

But 4 pairs of shoes for under $100??? 

Go forth and go shopping!


oh, hi.

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Hello. I didn't mean to go all MIA last week--I had all sorts of bloggy things planned. But last Sunday I found myself in a bit of a funk, and that quickly spiraled into what has affectionately become known as a "mini meltdown". I tend to have them every six months or so, and as my mom said as I sobbed into my sauvignon blanc at a local watering hole, "I was overdue."

There wasn't really anything that set me off--it was just a general "woe, is me" pity party. So after dealing with that Sunday and then flying off for a work trip for the rest of the week, I was suffering from a major case of the blahs. I tend think this time of year is tough for everyone--and the fact that spring is taking its sweet time getting here isn't helping. I strongly believe that warmer temps will do wonders for my soul...and mental health.

That's all I have on this festive St. Patricks Day. Happy Monday. I'll be back with some lighthearted banter tomorrow.


spring ahead.

I'm SO PUMPED daylight savings is this weekend and we're springing ahead (my 18-year old self would be cringing to read that--I used to get so angry that we were losing an hour of sleep). It will be so nice to be able to leave work when the sun is still out...for my mental health, I need this. Now if only the 312 feet of snow we have would melt...

Happy weekend.


this or that.

this or that

Tory Burch / Old Navy

Two D'Orsays, two very different price points. Ever since these shoes made the scene, I've been both intrigued and petrified: I'm the sheepish owner of two extremely flat feet, so methinks that these would not. be. cute. at. all. We're talking foot fat splooging* all around the middle. But I still think they're cute if you can pull them off--I suppose I just need to try them on and see.

*technical term.

Deep shoe thoughts for your Thursday.


the goldfinch.

I finally finished The Goldfinch. And I really, really liked it--it was long, and there were times where I thought that it was longer than it needed to be, but I really enjoyed the story overall.

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And this quote, especially, has left a lasting impression:

"A great sorrow, and one that I am only beginning to understand: we don't get to choose our own hearts. We can't make ourselves want what's good for us or what's good for other people. We don't get to choose the people we are."


apartment, sweet apartment.

I alluded to my "surreal" experience with my apartment last week--here's the scoop:

Last Monday, I received an e-mail from the management company at my building saying that a scout for an upcoming film was interested in using an apartment in a new movie. They were looking for a furnished Brooklyn-style apartment that was "modern and hip". Fancying myself as someone who was both "modern and hip", I quickly submitted my apartment as an option.

I got a call from the location scout, and they set up a meeting for Thursday night. Keeping my cool (never), I spent hours cleaning my apartment Wednesday night and hiding all of my weird stuff--mainly numerous packages of nuts (they're healthy) and Nespresso pods.

Thursday arrived, and there was a knock at my door--in came the scout, along with 10 other people, including the director and production assistants...and...

...they went with another apartment. Womp wooooomp. Apparently this other apartment had a skylight and they thought that would work better for filming (which made me feel a little better about my decorating skills). But the fact remains that I got myself all worked up over nothing (which I am often known to do).

On the plus side, there will be movie stars in my building in the next couple of months. And no one will screw up my abode with cameras and such. Exciting things.


weekend in pics.

This weekend, I...

...enjoyed some whole grain waffles with ricotta, pecans, bananas and honey...

...admired the flowering branches I scooped up at Trader Joe's...

...cooked up a tower of eggplant, pesto, mozzarella and balsamic glaze for lunch...

...spent an inordinate amount of time watching hair tutorials on youtube, using newly-gained expertise from said tutorials with my curling iron, and taking selfies in my bathroom with my chronic bitchface...

...ate buffalo chicken dip for dinner after some essential cocktails with my mom and sister.