a summer well spent.


weekend trip to Miami.

a cousin trip to Chicago.

sibling weekend visit which included an amazing dinner at fore street.


york harbor weekends.

a visit to prince edward island.

a trip to quebec city.

dinner at twelve.
sister surfing lesson on scarborough beach.

mabel and her favorite daycare friend, leonard.

hello! as we start the first "official" week of fall (although I always go off of September 1st) I figured it was a good time to brush off the ol' blog and get back into it. We'll see how long this lasts, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

I had a very good summer--there weren't any major trips but the long weekends I took and week I spent in Canada were all pretty perfect. In May I went to Eden Roc Miami Beach with my dearest friend Sarah to celebrate our 40th birthdays. Miami Beach is typically not my scene, but it ended up being a really relaxing three days and I would totally go back. It was a great way to unofficially kick off summer.

I then spent a weekend in Chicago with my sister and cousin (always a great time) and my sister and brother came to Portland the following weekend to see the Head and the Heart--we were supposed to go in 2020 but, covid. And then I got covid--it didn't end up being terrible (thanks, vaccines!) but I tested positive for eleven days which was a pain in the buns.

In July my family traveled up to Prince Edward Island to celebrate my grandfather's life and then my sister, mom and I headed to Quebec City to spend a few days at my parents' place. It's nicer than my condo, and I cannot wait to spend more time there (and I desperately need to learn French). 

In August, my sister came up again and we had a jam-packed weekend of dinner at Twelve, which is a new Portland restaurant that I highly recommend, a surfing lesson where I was completely tossed around but definitely want to do again, and a Leon Bridges concert, which of course, was amazing.

Mabel and I are in a groove, and I credit a lot of that to the two days a week she spends at day care. The socialization is really good for her and she gets all her crazy puppy energy out. Also, my 73 year-old neighbor has been taking her for evening walks (she recently had to put her dog down) and there is nothing cuter than seeing them saunter around the neighborhood. She is truly a sweetheart of a dog, and I'm so glad I have her as a four legged companion.

I'm probably missing some things, but I think that's the gist--I am very much looking forward to the cozy days ahead, and I'll be popping on here again very soon.