lately (in pics).

Lobster rolls at Eventide.

A delicious dinner at Scales.

The Head and the Heart in Providence.

A very sweet baby shower at the most gorgeous house.

Lobster taco in a cheese shell at Highroller.

 A very cute tater paw.

Oh, hey. In case it wasn't obvious, I've been all over the place as of late. I've been going back and forth to MA for both work stuff and family events (graduations, retirement parties, birthday extravaganzas and baby showers included) but things have been good!

I think I'm settling into the new job--there's a lot to learn, but I really like everyone I'm working with and I'm enjoying the actual day to day. There is definitely something to be said for that. 

In terms of life in Portland, things couldn't be better--I love being able to walk to Pure Barre, I've met some great people that are fun to hang out with, and I found the best dog walker for Olive on the days I need to travel. Aside from work trips, I'm excited to spend the rest of the summer up here and soaking everything in.

Happy Friday!