TGIF (and snippets of my week).

Mixing things up with a Martini Monday.

The most delicious bibimbap bowl during a work lunch (half eaten because I have no self control).

View during my (walking) commute home.

We made it! It's Friday!

Last weekend and this week were a bit crazy but I'm not complaining--they were crazy in a good way. I went to York last weekend to see my parents and I was able to see a dear friend on Sunday--it was so great to catch up. I ended up staying in York on Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl (which I thought was totally lame and I went to bed after the 3rd quarter) and I had an early morning Monday to head back up to Portland to get to work. I had to travel Wednesday and things have been busy since then...but I seriously couldn't be happier--I've really loved working in an actual office and being more social. 

But here's to a sloth-like weekend.