oh, hi.

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Hello. I didn't mean to go all MIA last week--I had all sorts of bloggy things planned. But last Sunday I found myself in a bit of a funk, and that quickly spiraled into what has affectionately become known as a "mini meltdown". I tend to have them every six months or so, and as my mom said as I sobbed into my sauvignon blanc at a local watering hole, "I was overdue."

There wasn't really anything that set me off--it was just a general "woe, is me" pity party. So after dealing with that Sunday and then flying off for a work trip for the rest of the week, I was suffering from a major case of the blahs. I tend think this time of year is tough for everyone--and the fact that spring is taking its sweet time getting here isn't helping. I strongly believe that warmer temps will do wonders for my soul...and mental health.

That's all I have on this festive St. Patricks Day. Happy Monday. I'll be back with some lighthearted banter tomorrow.


  1. I said the exact same thing to my Soul guru (ahem, instructor) yesterday -- I think I'll be happier when it's sunnier and nicer out. I'm tired of gray. I've never been a Season Affective person but this year was brutal for some reason.

    I also love that your mom was like "yup. it's time."

    Chin up girl, spring is officially here on Friday :) xx

  2. And this weekend -- a run or two outside in Maine, some oysters, lots of wine, and toasting the official/lunar arrival of's to springing ahead and away from winter!

  3. Funks are the worst. I get them every once in awhile. In fact, I may have had a small breakdown this weekend. The good thing is we know they don't last long and there us always light at the end of the tunnel.