apartment, sweet apartment.

I alluded to my "surreal" experience with my apartment last week--here's the scoop:

Last Monday, I received an e-mail from the management company at my building saying that a scout for an upcoming film was interested in using an apartment in a new movie. They were looking for a furnished Brooklyn-style apartment that was "modern and hip". Fancying myself as someone who was both "modern and hip", I quickly submitted my apartment as an option.

I got a call from the location scout, and they set up a meeting for Thursday night. Keeping my cool (never), I spent hours cleaning my apartment Wednesday night and hiding all of my weird stuff--mainly numerous packages of nuts (they're healthy) and Nespresso pods.

Thursday arrived, and there was a knock at my door--in came the scout, along with 10 other people, including the director and production assistants...and...

...they went with another apartment. Womp wooooomp. Apparently this other apartment had a skylight and they thought that would work better for filming (which made me feel a little better about my decorating skills). But the fact remains that I got myself all worked up over nothing (which I am often known to do).

On the plus side, there will be movie stars in my building in the next couple of months. And no one will screw up my abode with cameras and such. Exciting things.


  1. you are both modern AND hip...

  2. How exciting!!!! You still should creep on the famous people and also, since you're such a stellar cook, make some snacks for the crew.. they'll love you :)

  3. Do you know what movie? That would have been pretty cool!