This is how I have felt for the past week and a half (and what I deal with every morning).
The past week has been nuts. I had a whirlwind trip to Houston (which was fine thanks to flying JetBlue, staying in an okay hotel and TSA PreCheck) but the quick turnaround and associated work stress has left me totally wiped. I think the (non-work related) highlight was stopping into Biscuit Home. I have followed Bailey's blog for years and I was psyched to get a chance to see the store in person. I seriously wanted one of everything and could have done legitimate monetary damage--it was seriously the best.

This weekend my family headed to upstate New York for my grandmother's burial service. It was so sad and so sweet--I think what was hardest for me was the finality of everything. I knew what the outcome would be when she had her most recent cancer diagnosis, but even her memorial service didn't really prepare me for saying goodbye (if that makes sense?). It became real that she's gone. 

Sunday night I made Smitten Kitchen's Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake and it is so good, I think it might be a Thanksgiving side dish contender. I will definitely be making it again and highly recommend.

And now I need to make it through the rest of the week--I'm hoping after Friday things will start to settle down work-wise...fingers crossed. I need my sleep (and sanity).


  1. Be kind to yourself in this immediate aftermath of your grandmother's passing. I'm sure the mushroom marsala pasta will be a good friend for any grief you may feel <3

  2. It's so hard losing a grandparent, the good news is you will always see them in the littlest things every single day.