snow, lately.

Our local church, post-storm.

One of my favorite local houses.

Crappy weather calls for Olive snuggles.

A pre-Christmas celebration at my grandparents' house (c.1790).

After a very low-key sushi night on Friday, I woke up to around 8 inches of snow and I was loving it (the shoveling, not so much). I finished wrapping presents in the morning and then walked to town to meet my mom for lunch. Everything was so quiet and pretty with the snow and it made me so happy.

On Sunday I woke up early and did a PB class with my sister and ran a couple of errands (which included Iggy's bagels and Whole Foods' lox and scallion cream cheese--the best) and then we headed west to celebrate an early Christmas with my grandparents and my aunt (who I visited earlier this year in Mexico) and I had the best time. We ate and opened presents and it was absolute perfection spending that time with them.

I'm really hoping this week goes by fast, because I'm in full Christmas mode and punching a clock is cramping my holiday style.

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