weekend things.

Friday night Chinese takeout from Empire (with a seagull photobomber).

Evening beach scene.

My favorite pizza: medjool date and soppressata from When Pigs Fly.

It. Is. HOT.

I suppose I don't have it as bad as most given my proximity to the ocean, but the humidity was insane this weekend and I don't have air conditioning in my condo--it was built in 1890 and the cooling system consists of opening windows (which I'm not so inclined to do at night since I'm on the first floor).

On Friday (before the heat set in) I got my favorite Chinese takeout from Empire--I love the orange beef, bacon fried rice and walnut shrimp. I went to bed relatively early since work was crazy last week and I was all over the place and totally wiped.

Saturday I was a complete waste of space but managed to get laundry done and watched Amélie.

And Sunday after Pure Barre I made my way down to York to stay at my family's place and enjoy the A/C (I was a little worried about Olive getting overheated, so it worked quite nicely that we had that option). We ended the weekend with a walk on the beach and the best pizza and salad from When Pigs Fly.

It was a rather uneventful weekend, but was just what I needed. And I ordered the Dyson cool fan for $100 off at Amazon, so fingers crossed it works like a charm and cools things down.

Here's to a short week!

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  1. OMG. The no AC on the first floor sounds pretty bad. Hope the heat wave ends!!!