apple, brie, and prosciutto sandwiches.

Last weekend I had an apple that was begging to be jazzed up, and I thought, what better way to jazz up an apple than by smothering it with brie and crispy prosciutto?

There is no better way.

So, I sliced up the apple and some brie:

I buy the mini brie bites from Trader Joe's for portion control. Not that I've ever eaten an entire wheel of normal-sized brie in one sitting. That's definitely not something I would do.*

I fried up the prosciutto nice and crispy and assembled my sandwich:

And, after a little time getting melty in some butter, voila!

A jazzy way to eat an apple, courtesy of me.

* that is a boldfaced lie.


  1. Welcome back! That sandwich looks amazing.

  2. Glad you are back! Was thinking about you. For some reason your blog didn't switch over to my Bloglovin' thing I use now! Will look into that. And reading this just made me go get an apple to eat. Unfortunately it is plain.