christmas card 2013.

I love getting Christmas cards. I also love sending my own, but this year I had a moment of  panic when I wondered if I was totally lame to send the clichéd "single girl with her dog" card. I expressed my misgivings to my professional photographer and confidant (my mom) and she asked what I was embarrassed about: this is my life right now, and I'm happy with it.

And she's right.

So, may I present my quite happily clichéd card for 2013:


  1. I love that picture!!! I don't send cards. Mainly because I'm lazy, but maybe next year I'll get a good shot of Jax and me. And your mom is a smart cookie.

  2. That is the best advice and the card is amazing! Love it... I wanted to do one of me and Ruby, but we aren't that photogenic.