the comfort zone.

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So, I know I mentioned in my New Year's post that 2014 was going to be all about living with intention and getting out of my comfort zone. Ever the overachiever, (ahem, not) I started this resolution in December when we had our first significant Massachusetts snowstorm. Because I'm super hardcore, I don't pay the extra $$$ that secures an underground parking spot in my apartment complex's garage: instead, I roll the dice with the outside parking spaces and am therefore subjected to the musical cars game once the plowing begins.

After a storm ends, each lot is required to be cleared out and cars need to be moved and if they aren't moved they're towed and blah blah blah it's a total pain. I was so fed up with looking out the window to see when I needed to move my car, that I decided to just leave. I drove to my favorite local restaurant, grabbed a seat at the bar and proceeded to eat a meal by myself.

[Now, I know for many people, this is not a big deal. At all. But for me, it was. I (used to) never go to places and eat by myself. I don't know if it was a safety in numbers mentality, but I always felt like I needed to be with other people to go out to eat.]

I ordered a glass of wine and an extremely messy burger, and ate it while reading my iPad. And it was gloooooorious. I was kicking myself, because I couldn't believe that for so many years I was so scared to belly up to the bar solo and enjoy a delicious meal. I was missing out!

I got back to my place with my lot cleared and my stomach full, and a new resolve to just get out there. So, I'm going to be signing up for photography classes at my local community center (yes, community center). And there's a new restaurant that just opened in the town over, and I might be getting my grub on this weekend.

Solo...and kind of loving it.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! One of my favorite things I've learned in adulthood is the difference between loneliness and solitude. And I *really* value my solitude these days :) Good for you and .... damn it's 9:24 am but now I want a burger :)

  2. I used to go to the movies by myself all the time in NYC. Friends thought it was so weird, but I loved it. Haven't don't it since I moved, but maybe I till this weekend. A messy burger at a bar sounds delicious too.

  3. I have been playing the parking game too! So Wonderful.
    Good for you! I should do this more too. I always debate this w/ myself, like when it is late and I am walking home from work and sometimes I don't want to lug take out home with me.
    Where did you go? I want a burger now!