this or that.

Manolo Blahnik's BB pumps play a starring role on my shoe dream team. I think they are so chic and so timeless, but they are so expensive. Enter J.Crew's Everly pump: with the current "TAKENOTE" promotion they clock in at a much more wallet-friendy $147. I've been living in the cap toe version as of late, so I'm really hoping the suede version follows suit in comfort and versatility.


  1. JCrew shoes are always so comfy. I have never had a pair I didn't like.

  2. I love jcrew shoes. I own several and they are always my go to shoe. I like Manolos too, but find them to be so uncomfortable. Maybe I have fat feet... Anyway, if these are suede - I would def take the cheaper option. One glass of wine spill or weather and they are goners (I may or may not speak from experience)!