ch-ch-ch-chia (seed pudding).

From a young age, my taste in pudding has been comparable to that of a 95-year old woman. I live for pistachio and butterscotch and tapioca and rice varieties.

When the chia craze hit the scene, I of course was drawn to one particular method of preparing this fiber powerhouse--in pudding form!

I initially used this recipe, and I was not amused. It was not nearly sweet enough. And yes, I understand that chia seed pudding is supposed to be a healthy variation of pudding, but in my book, pudding is pudding and requires some sweetness.

For round two, instead of using plain greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk I went with vanilla bean greek yogurt and sweetened almond milk. And it was tasty! Topped with some fresh strawberries I had myself a healthy morning snack to get me over the 11:00 hump.

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