weekend recap {in bullets}.

I took zero pictures this weekend, so I implore you: use your imagination.

  • Friday night was my usual sushi extravaganza, and it was divine. After eating said sushi, I suffered from an intense and glamorous allergy attack which resulted in an early bedtime (however, since I am now 32, I've decided that what might be considered "embarrassingly early" is now"age-appropriate" so I went with it. And also, let's be serious: I don't care and sleep is my favorite.)

  • Saturday included a haircut, some couch time, and a comfort-food related dinner plus "The Dark Knight Rises"--yes, I am two years late. But, Christian Bale is timeless (#newsiesforever #patrickbatemaniloveyouaslongasyoudontkillme).

  • Sunday included a trip to IKEA with my mom, a wine/tear filled lunch (because I can't contain my emotions in public places) and an absolutely divine (yet seasonably inappropriate) dinner. The recipe is coming your way later this week.

  • Here's to a fabulous Monday.


  1. Breaking down in restaurants is always the best! What caused the allergy attack. Do you know?

  2. I cry in public too (usually, with the help of wine). Yay for us!