gelato fiasco.

I went up to Maine this past weekend and my mom and I hit up our favorite spots, including When Pigs Fly Bakery. We enjoyed a fantastic pizza at the restaurant and then sauntered over to the bakery because I had a hankering for a cookie. I was immediately drawn to the freezer (because I love salivating over all of their varieties of butter) and was delighted to find gelato:

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Gelato Fiasco was started by two friends right out of college in Brunswick, Maine, and it is by far the most delicious gelato I have ever had in my entire life. Oh. My. God. We bought the Sea Salt Caramel Gelato and the Ripe Mango Sorbetto and it seriously is a game changer in the world of gelato: so creamy, so decadent and rich--I had to stop myself from going back and buying every flavor they had.

You can buy this delicious dessert at Whole Foods throughout Massachusetts, so I beg of you: try it. You won't be sorry.


  1. I am eyeing the strawberry balsamic and the espresso chip - yum! We have an ice cream maker that is SORELY underused and I've made it a point to use it on the regular this summer. These flavors will surely make an appearance!

  2. How far is the drive to Maine from you? I have never been...hopefully one day!

    And that looks delicious..caramel sea salt!

  3. OH MY. I love When Pigs Fly and was just thinking about going soon! I need to try this gelato since I am addicted to the Talenti - Sea Salt Caramel... Have you tried that one? I get it at WF. I will try this one now too (I am going to be huge)!