this or that.

this or that.

$528 / $99

I'm definitely not in the market for new dining room chairs, but during my internet travels this weekend I fell in love (again) with the Herman Miller Eames side chair. (There's no doubt my love for Herman Miller is genetic: my grandmother has a bright orange vintage set that graces her kitchen table and it is fab.u.lous.)

While I'm all for making an investment when it comes to quality pieces, at this stage of my life the price for the original is too steep (we're talking $3,168 for a party of six to plop down for a dinner party. And that doesn't even include booze.)

So, I was rather pleased to stumble across the much more affordable replica--it achieves the look at a fraction of the price.

I'd love to know: when it comes to furniture, do you hold out for the investment pieces or do you make do with faux?


  1. Most of my furniture is hand-me-downs which I love. A few of my end tables and smaller pieces are HomeGoods or OKL. I say you trade granny the cheap seats for her orange ones!

  2. I tend to stick to more affordable items that I can easily get rid of in case it doesn't fit into my future (or any other apartments I may live in). Those HM chairs are awesome and could be an investment piece...