life lately: february edition.

I have been in complete hibernation mode as of late. New England has been getting absolutely slammed with snow and frigid temps, and all I've wanted to do is snuggle under a furry blanket and not leave the house. The times I did manage to venture outside I threw my back out (thanks, shoveling) and I got rear-ended on my way to work. Clearly, the universe is telling me to wait until the snow melts before I grace the outside world with my presence....which will be in May if I'm lucky.

Aside from hiding from the snow, I've been:

...enjoying the sunrise view from the safety of my bedroom window. It's pretty as long as you don't leave the house.

...admiring my new dresser hardware, available here.

...slathering myself with this body butter--I'm so late to the game, but it's SO moisturizing on my gross winter skin--it smells delish, and you can't beat the $4.99 price tag.

...spending some QT with this little lady. If she makes it to the porch when I take her out, I consider it a success.

...stuffing my face with comfort food. Granted, a girl's night out preceded this monstrosity, but I would order it without a hangover. It's my absolute fave. 

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  1. Um - those fries looking awesome. Need them in my life. Now.