weekend recap.

Friday was a crazy night of pizza, beer and InStyle. (I'm a party animal.)

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to run some house-related errands--I have a bunch of overhead lights in my house that I was going to replace with new fixtures, but when we removed one of the existing ones we discovered the wiring was ancient and needs to be upgraded. Because money doesn't grow on trees, I've decided to put the wiring upgrade on hold and make do with what I have.

The inspiration:

West Elm's Industrial Semi-Flush Canopy Pendant (on sale)
The result:

Super easy fix--I spent $7.98 each on some vintage lightbulbs, and now I can live with my lighting until I have some extra cash money.

After I solved my lighting debacle, I treated myself to a mani-pedi and then my dear friend S. came up from Connecticut and hung out with her husband and her sweet 11-week old baby. It was so good to catch up and meet the little one, and I took absolutely zero pictures (because I'm the worst).

Sunday was the laziest day ever: MET and I drank a number of Bloody Marys and I finally saw the first season of "House of Cards"--obsessed.

It was the perfect weekend and it was over way too soon. And I can't believe it's March. Yowza.


  1. Great fix for the lights! Old houses have so much charm, but can also be such a bitch when trying to get things just as you want. Recently I realized that my kitchen sink/garbage disposal is somehow connected to my scary basement laundry room sink. The same sink that my washer drains water in to. I know this because last week I walked into the basement to see that the basement was flooded. The sink had overflowed with water. The sink had clogged with food from my upstairs garbage disposal. I can't even begin to tell you the nastiness that I had to deal with.

  2. Your vintage light bulb with the existing hardware looks better than West Elm's (in my opinion).