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Happy August! I'm ready to really buckle down and start this month on a strong note--increasing my running and eating healthy are definitely my number one priorities...we'll see how long my motivation lasts.

{ target table }

After seeing this table on Chic Geek on Friday, I headed to Target to snatch it up. I had been wanting to get a new table to put adjacent to my fireplace to hold my DVD player, cable box and phone, but everything I liked was stupid expensive and I really didn't want to break the bank. I thought this would go with the rest of my living room and it was cheap (currently on sale for $45). I initially wanted my dad cut open the back so I could hide a power strip and associated cords, but he ended up mounting the power strip directly to the back so everything was hidden and the table wasn't butchered. After some help from my sister organizing everything, I'm super happy with the result:

Saturday was very low-key and after grabbing lunch with my sister, I hung out at home and my dad came over for dinner. On Sunday my sister and I headed out west and went to our favorite lunch spot-- I had the most delicious Caesar salad with gorgonzola, peppers, bacon and portobello mushrooms:

It was great to spend a little time with my grandmother and also have some one-on-one time with my mom--she (and my aunt) have been essentially living with my grandparents since my grandmother got sick, so it was great to take a little break and catch up over wine. I stopped by Insomnia Cookies for a treat afterwards (they deliver oven-baked cookies  until 3 a.m.--I'm so glad there wasn't one of these near me when I was in college--it would have been a total disaster) and headed back home to have dinner with my dad. It was a fun weekend.

Here's to a productive week!

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  1. I am trying to figure out what to do with all of our wires and cable box!

    I think a little table like that may be key.