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Every summer I find myself wanting a picnic basket (for all of those picnics I go on) but I find that most of them are pretty pricey...until now. Land's End has a couple of great picnic basket options, and the prices can't be beat--especially since you can almost always get some sort of discount.

First up, the traditional:

English Style Picnic Basket

And then, for the wine aficionado:

Vino Picnic Basket 

Vino Picnic Basket

They offer two options--a traditional "English Style" full blown picnic basket with settings for four, and the Vino picnic basket with room for two wine bottles (and complete with a corkscrew and cheeseboard). Realistically, I didn't see myself serving three of my friends a full blown picnic so I went with the Vino option. I definitely plan on packing up some wine and cheese to savor Maine sunsets this summer. And, both are available monogrammed--the perfect treat for yourself (or as a wedding gift)!

*I tried searching the Land's End website for both of these but they didn't show up, but if you search the internet or use my links, they will take to the site. As of today, they're both available. 

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