weekend things.

small bites at chaval.

drinks at bramhall.

super delish breakfast at hot suppa.
new sunglasses that were the perfect accessory to my mood on Saturday.

good times with my dearest friend.

I had a great weekend - it was equally social and lethargic and just what I needed. On Friday my dear friend S. came up for the night. We hadn't seen each other for almost a year, so it was great to catch up and have some facetime.

It was SO freezing Friday, so we hit up a couple of places around my neighborhood (Chaval, Bramhall and Pai Men Miyake) and got drinks/small bites at each place. I clearly can't hang like I used to, and I woke up hurting a bit on Saturday morning. We managed to snag a table at Hot Suppa for breakfast, and it was incredible. I got the pulled pork egg sandwich and S. got the fried green tomato eggs benedict, and it made me feel a little better.

I spent the rest of Saturday napping on the couch and ordered pizza delivery. I was truly a waste of space.

Sunday I was a bit more productive and did laundry--I watched football and made cauliflower gnocchi with turkey bolognese (both from Trader Joe's) for dinner, and then it was early to bed with a watermelon mask.

I'm hoping to be productive and get some things done this week (including some painting--stay tuned).

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  1. Have you tried the cauliflower latka like things from TJ's? They are in the frozen section and I am obsessed with them.