three things I've got my eye on.

l.l. bean wicked good lodge chukkas

my mom got these for christmas, and I would have stolen them from her if my feet weren't too big. currently backordered until march, but 20% off until 1/14/20 with code WINTER.

cuyana oversize carryall tote

I have the medium version of this, and it's slightly too small for everything I want to bring with me to work (mostly, another pair of shoes and my beats headphones, along with all of my other office stuff). I will be buying this sooner rather than later (and it's way more practical than the other designer bag I've been considering). 

madewell roadtripper jeggings

can jeans change your life? If they're these, they can. I'm super late to the madewell jeans game, but I finally snagged a pair during black friday and I love the fact that they're super high waisted and fit like a glove. I will be slowly replacing all of my denim with some version of these in the future, 

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