the thursday special.


It's no secret that my condo is rather small--it's definitely a one-person, one-dog space. Thanks to the super high ceilings, it doesn't feel that tiny, but the appliances in the kitchen are...not big--there's definitely no room for a french door giant fridge, which is actually fine because it makes me a little more mindful when I shop for groceries. When I do my upgrades, I'm going to be getting another small fridge (leaning toward the SMEG) but that means no ice maker, and I'm a lady who requires her beverages to be ice cold. In the past I've tried a variety of ice trays, but I recently picked up the lekue ice box which has become a total game changer. It saves so much space vs. the hodgepodge of silicone trays I was using before, and I love that the cubes are on the smaller side so they easily fit in my water bottles.

Although this is probably only of interest to the population of people who live sans automatic ice maker, I highly recommend the lekue ice box

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