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Hard to believe that it's been four months since I've checked in around these parts...and how are we halfway through August? Time is flying. Here's what I've been up to as of late:

Spent some moody time at the beach in April.

My sister and brother came to town over Memorial Day weekend and we had a great day in Portland, which culminated in the best dinner at my favorite place: Scales

Had an amazing trip to Fortland on our legal retreat--cannot wait to do an overnight in one of their yurts

My mom, sister and I flew to Chicago for a quick weekend in June--we stayed at London House (highly recommend), had an epic meal at Nobu, saw the Obama portraits at the Chicago Art Institute, and despite some tornado warnings and serious downpours, it was a super special, great trip. 

In July, my brother and I flew down to Pittsburgh to visit my sister and her husband--we had too much fun, and the I love the city more and more each time I visit.

At the end of July, my sister came up again and we spent a few days in Portland before heading to my parents' house for a week. We had the best meal at Street and Co. (their clam pasta cannot be beat). 

Olive turned 10, and spent a lot of time doing this.

And that's pretty much it--work has been busy and challenging but great. I had been going into the office a couple of days a week but with the Delta variant raging, I'm back to working from home, which Olive enjoys. I bailed on my 10 mile race that was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020--it was rescheduled to September 0f 2021 and training had not been going well. (I get overheated in the most mild conditions so throwing race training into the mix during a hot and humid summer was less than ideal). Hopefully postponing to April 2022 will be better. I'm also experimenting with a gluten free diet thanks to an esophageal issue that I finally went to the doctor about. As a wheat enthusiast, this has been a major blow to my pasta and bread loving lifestyle...but I suppose health = wealth so I'm going with it.

I hope your summer has been amazing.

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