an amped up caesar salad.


everything you didn't know your Caesar salad needed.

Judie's Restaurant in Amherst, MA was the best. Known for its giant popovers and extensive menu, it was the go-to spot for me and my sister the summer of 2016--we made a bunch of trips to western Massachusetts to visit my grandmother since she was sick, and Judie's was a comforting spot to get nourished and reset. 

I'm super bummed that they've since closed due to the pandemic, but I've been recreating one of my favorite things on the menu at home: the Caesar salad. Judie's Caesar isn't your typical Caesar--the basic version includes the addition of artichoke hearts and hardboiled eggs (which is delicious on its own) but I always loved to order the stuffed portobello with bacon version: it took the salad to the next level with the addition of grilled portobellos, roasted red peppers, bacon and warm gorgonzola. While definitely not traditional, this combo of flavors totally works together and will keep you full for a very time.

And if you're really feeling ambitious, make your our dressing: you can't go wrong with Julia Turshen's

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