oh, it's 2024.


(ignore the poop bag)

Another year, and I'm still here--maybe 2024 will be a year of consistent blogging? Let's be honest, probably not, but for whatever reason I'm not ready to quit this, even though everyone says blogs are dead and substack is the next big thing, I'll keep this little website and writing into the abyss...for now.

I had a very low-key but great holiday--I spent Christmas with my parents in MA, and then met my siblings and their families in Quebec for a few days. There was no snow, but it was so fun to have everyone together.

And now, back to the grind--although I am once again embracing gentle January and trying to ease into things. Mabel continues to delight, work is great, and I continue to love living in Portland, despite being in the throes of a snowstorm (it's super pretty and cozy, I just hate the gross aftermath and trying to navigate snow covered sidewalks).

So here's to a new year and a fresh start and all that jazz--I promise not to be a stranger. 

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