holiday thoughts.

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I recently read Kelly's post What About Thanksgiving?, and I couldn't agree more. (Read it.)

I don't know what it is about this year in particular--maybe it's the plethora of Peppermint Mochas I've been seeing in my instagram feed coupled with the abundance of Christmas lights blinding me during my commute home, but I feel like Thanksgiving is totally being bypassed by it's more sparkly holiday sister.

(Lest I give you the wrong impression, I'm not a scrooge. I am the first person to wax poetic about the magic that surrounds December).

But I think there's something strange about sitting around the Thanksgiving table with the scent of pine and twinkling lights from a Christmas tree in the background. And while I'm excited to decorate and listen to carols and stuff my face with all things peppermint, I'm holding off until after I celebrate the fabulousness that is Thanksgiving.

Because she deserves her place in the spotlight, too.


  1. Said the same thing last week when I heard my first xmas song on the radio. Too fast - slow down. At this point, it will be like having two Christmases.

    1. I agree! I will have pumpkins in my house until after Thanksgiving. Nothing that resembles Christmas. I find it so odd some people are already putting up trees!!!

  2. Couldn't agree more! Not ready for lights or trees and love still having 'fall' things around the house. Once December hits, I'll be ready to get into Christmas mode but not before then!

  3. Agreed. I say this as I jam another candy cane hershey kiss in my mouth.

  4. Pumpkins on the front step until the end of the month and Harvest candles will burn through November. The candles in the windows don't count because we keep them up all year.