on exercise.

What better way to follow up a post on buttery treats than with one on working out? Ah, metabolism. I must admit, all through my teens/twenties I was a very lucky lady (except for my freshman year of college, where I overindulged considerably and packed on some serious part due to stupid but delicious late-night D.P. Dough). I pretty much was able to eat whatever I wanted, and as long as I ran 3 times a week or so, my pants fit. If I ever felt myself getting a little soft, I'd amp up the cardio and be svelte in no time.

And then, I got old. Ever since I turned 30, my ability to bounce back from an eating and drinking extravaganza has become almost nonexistent. It's very depressing. I was working out consistently this fall and then fell off the wagon around Thanksgiving/Christmas--that coupled with excessive holiday merriment has had a very squishy result. So, I'm back on the workout wagon.

What do I do? I think what works best for me is a combo of running and Pure Barre. I've realized that I get burned out if I only do one thing (I used to only run, and this fall I was just going to barre classes): both of these activities are a great workout, but doing only one drives me crazy. I'm hoping that by mixing it up a bit, I'll get results and won't lose my mind.

I'm never going to be the girl that says "oh, no fries for me, thanks", so I just need to be better about burning off what I eat.

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  1. Just wondering -- what is Olive's favorite workout routine?

  2. Try SoulCycle, there's a Chestnut Hill location coming soon! :)

  3. I would never be the no fries girl either! I had to change up my routine as well. I'm so excited for a barre class in Bmore. Trying it tomorrow. I miss my physique 57 SOOO much! I've had to be careful with what I eat since I hit puberty. Wish I won that genetic lottery some women have.

  4. I am so eating fries and pasta and not going to feel bad about it. Do you do Pure Barre in Boston? Sorry, not stalking you, but I do it too and love it. This is my favorite routine as well (running/barre)... I also joined Equinox cause I wanted to try more classes (spinning etc). I don't feel like I can do weights or stuff like that on my own, so barre is the best.