nail glow.

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I've been trying to be a lot better about doing my nails myself, but I suck at it--I will never be someone who walks out the door with an at-home manicure and have it pass for the real thing. I had become really frustrated with the whole process, until I found Dior's Nail Glow.

Admittedly, this stuff is pretty pricey as far as nail polishes are concerned, but I think it's worth it--it dries fast, it gives my nails a shiny, lightly pink sheen, and if it chips it's not noticeable. It's definitely my new favorite polish.

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  1. I never wear nail polish...I don't think I have in over 10 yeas. I cannot do my own nails and hate sitting through a pedicure. (um...1st world problems) Anyway, I like the sound of this polish!