life lately.

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Yikes, I can't believe it's June--where has the time gone? I didn't mean to take such a hiatus from my little blog--I've just been super busy traveling to exotic tropical locations with my newly acquired lover.*

*That is a lie. I have been super busy traveling to Chicago every other week for work. Living out of a suitcase blows.

This has been life as of late:

L-R, Top-Bottom

  1. One plus to my frequent Chicago trips? Hitting up the Garrett Popcorn stand at the airport. SO GOOD.
  2. I went to my sister's house for dinner and shot a BB gun. The kick gave me a bruise on my brow bone. 
  3. Olive loves staying with my parents while I'm gone, and she also loves to give me dirty looks when I get back.
  4. I had a little too much fun recently and took a nap...on dining room chairs.
  5. My mom, sister and I did the Runner's World Heartbreak Hill 5k/10k--this was obviously pre-race...but I'm loving my tank from lululemon.
  6. I've been on a huge avocado toast kick for lunch at work--with a little Alouette cheese it keeps me full until dinner.


  1. If only the reason was a newly aquired lover. But looks like you've been busy and I already need a nap.

  2. I seriously love Olive! BTW, I finally tried the gelato and I am obsessed (w/ the blueberry). I will blame my lake of my bikini wearing this summer on you!