couch dreams.

couch dreams.

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I am in serious need of a new couch. I realized last week that I've had the same IKEA Ektorp sofa for ten (!!!) years. It's been with me through 4 apartments and my current house, two boyfriends and numerous mental breakdowns when I would wash the slipcovers and sweat profusely putting them back on. Also, the foam where the cushions rest was half-eaten by my old yellow lab Bear when he was a puppy. The time has come for an upgrade.

Part of me wants to go the slipcovered route again (I tend to spill things on the daily), but the other part has always had a soft spot for a sumptuous leather option. I think I'll ultimately go with option #1 (which is neither slipcovered or leather) but they usually have them at the Crate and Barrel outlet for a good deal. And it's so comfortable.


  1. I love the leather look too, but I feel like dogs claws can be dangerous! I'm hoping in our next hour we have a living room and a family room. Then go for a cool couch in the living and comfy in the family!

  2. I want some of the big cushy couches with tons of pillows... I now have leather and don't love it, but it was boyfriends and so it stays... for now. Ruby scratched when we first started dating, which was a little nightmareish.

    I have an awesome gray velvet one from West Elm in storage that I was hoping we could use at some point, but it is a little girly so bf doesn't love it. I probably should sell it!