august check in.

I had big plans to do a post on my end of summer bucket list at the beginning of August, and now we're halfway through the month (and my imaginary list of things to do before Labor Day is no where near being complete).

So what's the deal? I guess I've mostly been dealing with my transition to the new job. I had previously worked in the same industry for almost ten years, and while my new position is kind of similar, there's a pretty substantial learning curve and the bar is set high. I'm just not in a comfortable groove yet, although things have been getting better over the past couple of weeks--and I have to say, Alison Roman's quote in her interview on A Cup of Jo has really resonated with me: "don't be afraid to not nail it all the time." I'm constantly reminding myself that it's okay not to know everything and mistakes are fine so long as you learn from them (which helps, sometimes).

Also, my sister moved from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania which is weird--I'm so used to her being close by and while I'm super happy for her new job and adventure, I miss her tons. I'm very thankful for Facetime.

Otherwise, things are good. I'm still loving Portland despite insane temperatures this summer (Olive and I do not do well in the heat), and I have some ideas for renovations to my place that I'm rather excited about. I plan to make the most of the remaining summer weeks (but will definitely welcome fall temps with open arms).

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