three things I'm loving.

alo goddess legging

I recently received these leggings as a gift (thanks, Mom!) and it's safe to say I'm in love. They're super comfortable and flattering, and although I was initially skeptical of the leg warmer bottoms, I love the long length and stretchy material (they also come in solid colors for those who aren't fans of the two-tone). I'm already planning on getting another pair.

peak water bottle ice cube tray

My condo came with a slightly dated fridge that has no ice-making capabilities, and I'm a lady who likes her beverages really cold. I was super happy to find these Peak ice cube trays at Gus & Ruby in Portland - they freeze ice cylindrically (that's a real word) and are perfect for putting in a S'well bottle.

{ image via hbo }
Have you been watching Sharp Objects? I read the book a while ago, and had completely forgotten what happened in the end -- it's been slowly coming back as I've been catching up on episodes and YIKES. Totally freaky but very good (I'm sad it's ending on Sunday). 

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  1. I started one episode of Sharpe Objects, but was half paying attention. Need to start all over! Have you see The Sinner with Jessica Beihl??? So good.