the thursday special.


The Thursday Special this week consists of the best purchase I made in 2020: the Peloton. And before I start, I would like to preface this by acknowledging that I have turned into that person--the person that gets all starry eyed and won't shut up about how amazing it is and who their favorite instructors are and how it has changed their life and all the little anecdotes that make you want to strangle someone until they finally shut up about a damn stationary bike.

Oh, how I used to cackle at the Christmas commercial from 2019 and roll my eyes at all of the converts and fanatics. 

How the mighty and self righteous have fallen.

Prior to this, I wasn't big on spinning--I had taken a handful of spin classes at my local CycleBar and I enjoyed them, but I wouldn't say I was obsessed: I thought it was a good workout and I appreciated the amount that I sweat.

Then, the pandemic arrived. I went from walking around 4-6 miles a day and taking Pure Barre classes to barely leaving the house and it showed--I needed something that would motivate me to workout, and it just wasn't happening with streaming workouts online or making myself go for a run. I ended up ordering it in the end of July and it arrived mid-September, and I've been riding it consistently ever since.

I think what I like most about it is the variety of the classes--not just cycling but strength and stretching. Also, the fact that it's in my bedroom means that it stares me in the face the second I wake up and there are literally zero excuses (and I'm the queen of excuses)--if I'm pressed for time I'll hope on for a quick 20 minutes and feel like I got a solid workout in.

All this to say: I love it, I used to be a major skeptic, and if you get one we can talk about it for hours. 

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