weekend things.


Jeez, that weekend went by fast--I'm constantly amazed that every weekend seems to fly by, but I don't really do much of anything. Friday was low-key with leftovers and on Saturday I ventured out for a quick Trader Joe's run and picked up a delicious breakfast sandwich from Ramona's, which is fast becoming my breakfast/lunch go-to (also, I'm officially on board with every breakfast sandwich containing broccoli rabe--so good).

Sunday morning consisted of laundry and exercise and I spent the afternoon with  a couple family FaceTimes and making The Best Bolognese Of Our Time. Honestly, I wasn't that mad about the quietness of it all.

So here's to Monday--I think I'm going to start the 3rd season of "Killing Eve" this week (speaking of series, I watched "The Undoing" last week and it was so good) and I'm definitely looking for the long weekend ahead...not that I'll be doing anything. 

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